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From time to time we offer FREE downloads of some of our digital products for your personal use. Here are the recent offers, but check back often because we do change these in and out periodically.

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The 7 Keys To Body Transformation

A Beginners Guide That Will Help You Transform Your Body With 7 Simple Changes.

No matter what you may think, there is no such thing as a "loophole" or "shortcut" to long term weight loss as other "fitness guru's" would have you believe.

This is not a fad diet, or short term weight loss program that sometimes makes you worse off than before you started. These are proven keys that are essential to dieting success and body transformation. PDF format.
Growing Vegetables In Containers For Beginners

If you have a small garden or no garden at all then you can grow your own vegetables in containers. This is a great, low maintenance way for you to grow your own food at home without the expense and trouble of maintaining a full sized garden.

For anyone who is pushed for space or who lives in a city, container gardens are absolutely ideal. The same if you rent or move a lot, containers can come with you wherever you go
. PDF format.
There are a few things to consider when building a home gym.

Depending on your needs, you really don’t have to go to extremes. A home gym can simply include a couple of pieces of equipment or it can be an elaborate set-up. All of this depends on your own needs, your budget, space and how you plan to workout.

This report discusses all you need to know about setting up your own home gym...
and it won't cost you one cent. Just fill out the form that follows and you'll get immediate access to the PDF file.
Building a Home Gym eBook
A Complimentary 8-page version of an E-Book on Gopher Control is now ready for download from our sister company, GreenWyre Products.

We are making it available for free to those who respond to their offer. If you would like to get this eBook (PDF format), packed with great information on how to control gophers, for free before the larger, priced version is announced please click the DOWNLOAD button and you will have immediate access.
The full priced version will be announced to you by GreenWyre Products when it is completed.